This is the home of mac's LFDS renrem replacement, as the LFDS lacks native renrem support. It acts as a wrapper to the LFDS application. It also preloads the custom scripts libary.

0.3 (03-14-2004)
Added support for preloading scripts shared libary
Added command line parameters for changing renegade binary & custom name
Bugfixed midnight logfile rollover on telnet output.
0.2: (12-29-2003)
Fixed a few bugs while reading the config file.
You're no longer needed to set your gamespy query and gameport.
Connected telnet clients will get the output from the logfiles now, instead of the host console. This includes Team messages.

Newest Version: 0.3
README of mac's wrapper

Download renegade_server_wrapper.tar.gz
mail me at mac AT oneshell DOT de